Exercise is really for your head and the bodily impact is only an added benefit. Think about it — you feel exhilarated when you end a good session of swimming or running or walking. Exercise has the capacity to clear your head and to better your mood boosting your motivation and your capacity to be fully engaged in life.

For those who suffer from the winter blues, thirty minutes of walking at a vigorous pace improves the mood. Chemically it increases GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid – the amino acid that relaxes you),  serotonin (the transmitter that makes you feel good) and dopamine ( the nuerotransmitter that helps you to feel no pain).

Exercise reduces the negative effects of stress and balances hormones and balances the swings related to estrogen and progesterone in women.  The next time you are feeling stressed out, make time for a 30 minute walk —  it will change the way you look at the day.  Make exercise a daily ritual and it will change your brain for the good!