I am not taking new clients at Center Point Healing at present.

I am taking new clients every day at Mary’s Center. Call 1-844-796-2797 for an appointment. Due to COVID safety precautions, presently all my visits are Tele-health.

How we work:

During your initial visit, we will discuss your present health goals and your health history. If you are new to Mary’s Center, please bring with you a recent referral from your provider, notes from a recent doctor’s visit and your most recent lab work. Our conversation begins with a detailed interview. Information you share with me will facilitate the appropriate choice of recommendations to fit your unique needs, I also take into account recent blood work, nutritional supplements and prescription drugs you are taking.

Together we work to come up with goals and objectives and based on these, you will leave your first visit with a few recommendations tailored to fit your goals, constitution, history (personal and family), symptom patterns, nutrient and caloric needs, and food preferences and/or sensitivities (if any).

The number of follow-ups depends on your individual needs, although I recommend that you make at least 2 follow-ups so that progress can be evaluated and recommendations can be adjusted based on your response.

Face-to-face counseling allows for weighing in on a TANITA scale that tracks body fat, body water and muscle mass; factors that provide more detailed information about your health status. While meeting in person I will also check your blood pressure, and do a brief physical exam.

When I do my job well, you will feel empowered to tend to your health. As the focus moves towards maintaining wellness, I find it helpful to come in seasonally so you can learn how to care for your body with food and herbs during different times of the year.

I look forward to working with you!

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Schedule an appointment: email me at kathy@kathymcneely.com