You’ve been good at sticking to your diet and physical activity plan all year, and you have the results to show it — congratulations!

Now you stare at your calendar and see all the holiday dinners and parties that are scheduled and you start to break out in a cold sweat. How are you going to resist those delectable sweet potato pies, cranberry creations and gravy-slathered mashed potatoes? How are you going to get by without eating holiday cookies, or drinking that famous holiday cocktail your uncle (substitute your uncle’s name here) makes?

The shorter days and colder weather invite us to hibernate and take it easy, but our calendars are screaming a totally different message. Your inner introvert is crushed as you put on your winter coat and summon the energy for yet another party!


Or perhaps it’s just that cabin fever that sets in as your brother (insert name here) fires up yet another football game and you’re in for a long couch-sit complete with nachos and kettle corn.

I know you’re not feeling the stress of holiday shopping as you hear that holiday music frenetically reminding you that you have not even started thinking about the holidays BECAUSE IT’S STILL EARLY NOVEMBER!

Whatever your holiday challenges are — perhaps you are wondering whether there exists a way to break the cycle? Are you looking for a way to face the holidays with a new kind of energy — one that doesn’t wear you down or add inches to your waistline?

Here’s one for you. It’s really easy, and it’s something your body usually takes care of for you… it’s called breathing. That’s right, as you read this – take a deep breath. Don’t hold it. Just slowly fill your belly with air. REPEAT. Do you feel your shoulders un-hunching, and your heart beating just a little slower? Remember, you always have this strategy with you as you face the winter holidays.

Taming the stress that holidays bring is one way of keeping yourself healthy this holiday season. Explore more strategies with me by attending my holiday strategy workshops either at Center Point Healing November 19 at 7:30 pm and at Joes’s Movement Emporium on November 22 at 2pm.