It’s the season for holiday parties – and everywhere you look there’s a cheese platter. Of course cheese is a good source of calcium, all packaged in a high sodium, high calorie treat that should be consumed in moderation. So here are a few tips on how to hold back when you find yourself drooling over the cheese plate:

  • Fill up on low-calorie vegetables and fruits and garnish the plate with a little cheese on the side.
  • Choose a small piece of cheese you know you really enjoy – eat it slowly and savor every nibble.
  • Opt for no more than one or two ounces every few days, and make those ounces count by choosing a high quality, organic version.
  • If you are pregnant – choose hard cheeses like Swiss or Parmesan and avoid soft cheeses like feta, goat, brie and blue cheese. Softer cheese could contain Listeria – a bacteria that can do harm to a growing fetus.